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Safety Tips


Dear members and followers of our site; the rental cars and company details listed on our website is presented to you completely in good faith and trust policy. The information contained in our website only belongs to member car rental companies. All responsibility for the incorrect and inappropriate information entered in the published advertisements belongs to the advertisement owner. You can report the incompatibility in the company and advertisement information to us by using the contact form.

Do not pay or prepay/ give a deposit without seeing the vehicle you wish to rent and making contract.


Do not perform money transfers that can be done using the id number and mobile phone numbers. Do not give your identification number or credit card information, private info in the phone calls you will make.


Do not share your personal data and membership information (ID number, credit card data, your jetoto.com password, etc.) with anyone.


You may complain about the relevant people by going to the nearest Police / Gendarmarie unit when faced with a negative situation.


Never send money to people you do not know.


Early booking always provides a price advantage (Except high-season). If you book in advance from the firm, you can have the opportunity to rent your car in much more affordable price. Discounts are applied also in the longer term rentals. If you are considering that making reservation would be more advantageous for you; ask the reservation cancelling terms and if you will pay any fees in case of cancellation or not.


Rent the insured vehicles certainly. Ask in detail that the insurance status of the vehicle you wish to rent and what the insurance includes. When you have an accident with the car without automobile insurance, the traffic insurance also does not cover the damage due to the fact that the car is rental. Thus, all costs may be upon you.


During the rental, check whether the engine and chassis number in the vehicle registration certificate and the engine and chassis number of the vehicle are the same, and whether the vehicle has any damage by photographing it if possible.


Check if the vehicle has any failure, defect, damage during rental. Make sure the headlights and lights are working. Immediately report any problems to related personnel and make a note of that in the contract. Additionally, take a photo there.


Make the car rental contract. Otherwise, the financial loss as a result of accident may come to a point you do not want.


Check if the kilometers (mileage) information of the vehicle you will rent in the contract is correct. If there is not any kilometers information in the contract, provide entering that info into the contract.


Likewise, check the fuel status (full/empty/quarter tank) of the vehicle when you pick up the car, and ensure that the fuel status information is entered in the contract.


Learn in detail that in any accident, damage or malfunction, what the car rental firm can afford, the towing vehicle status, etc. and check if these matters take part in the contract. Learn which phone number and whom to call when you may need assistance.


In case of accident, fill an accident report, if you do not have an accident report, call the police and draw up a report. In cases a report is not drawn up, insurance companies do not cover the damage cost and you may have to bear the entire costs.


Check whether there is a fee for additional drivers and whether their names should be specified in the contract. In case you let somebody who is not a part of contract drive the vehicle, you may jeopardize the validity of the contract.


Ask the return location and costs for one-direction rentals definitely. These may be too high.


Find out whether the maintenance and service points of the car rental company are on your route.


Prefer low-mileage and new vehicles especially if you plan an intercity travel in terms of safety. Check the safety equipment. Check the ABS, airbag and seat belts. If you are travelling with children, do not forget to request a child seat.  


When you return the vehicle, obtain a copy of the contract after you print your return information on your contract and get it signed, keep this document as far as possible.


JETOTO.COM does not have any legal responsibility due to the calls you will make with member companies, pre-payments you make during service purchases, the service you purchase or the unfavorable situations you may go through after the purchase.